About Us

We are an Open and Affirming, “come as you are,” community of believers that are committed to being intentional about how we live as disciples of Jesus Christ. We offer ourselves to God as instruments of grace, love, and justice and invite others to do the same, by reconnecting to God as well as with each other.

Life is a journey we are all on; so, join us, as there is something for everyone of all ages.

Manantial de Gracia meets at 12 South Main Street, West Hartford, CT in the The Chapel of First Church of Christ Congregational.  Please enter through the Chapel Doors.  Parking can be found in the rear parking lot, street parking is available in front of the building, and also in the Bank of America parking lot across the street on Farmington Avenue.  See you here!

If there is anything we can do to make your visit more accessible, let us know!

Sobre Nosotr@s

Somos una iglesia de Puertas Abiertas, con libertad de llegar tal y como somos y una comunidad de creyentes comprometid@s a vivir intencionalmente como discípulos de Jesucristo. Nos ofrecemos a Dios como instrumentos de gracia, amor y justicia, e invitamos a l@s demás a hacer lo mismo, re-conectándonos a Dios tanto como l@s un@s a otr@s.

Manantial de Gracia se reúne en el 12 South Main Street, West Hartford, CT en la Capilla de First Church of Christ Congregational.  Favor de entrar por la puerta de la Capilla.  Hay estacionamiento disponible detrás de la iglesia, también en la carretera frente a la capilla, al igual que al frente de Bank of America, a cruzar la Farmington Avenue. ¡Les esperamos!

Si hay algo que podamos hacer para que su visita sea accesible, ¡déjenos saber!

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