Glitter Ash Wednesday (starts with a Masquarade Ball on Tuesday)

Glitter Ashes, Masquerade ball to mark the beginning of Lent in Massachusetts LGBTQ community Written by Connie Larkman A couple of United Church of Christ pastors find God in glitter. And on Ash Wednesday, they hope scores of others can too. They will be distributing glitter infused ashes during a midnight worship service in MassachusettsContinue reading “Glitter Ash Wednesday (starts with a Masquarade Ball on Tuesday)”

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Blessings/Bendiciones, My sincerest apologies for getting this note out late this week, but I have some great news to share with each of you… Mis sinceras disculpas por enviar esta notita tan tarde esta semana, pero tengo tremendas noticias… As of Thursday Pastora Elivette Mendez Angulo has been approved by The Hartford Association of theContinue reading “Sunday, February 5, 2017”