Manantial de Gracia “Spring of Grace” United Church of Christ may be decade old in its current form, but we are a growing and evolving community of Baptist origin which houses people with Methodist, Lutheran, and Pentecostal roots.

Our church adheres to Christian values. In practice, we are progressive; in advocacy and justice work, we embrace a vision of inclusion allowing for the gathering of church and non-church folks from throughout our communities–whether they be Latines, Hispanic, Caucasian, of the African Diaspora, LGBTQ, Straight, Married, Single, Divorced and/or any other culture or community. We bind together to worship, pray, and grow both as a community and as individuals. This congregation has discipleship and faith formation alternating with prayer groups on Wednesdays (contact us for more info) and meets Sundays (11:30 a.m.) for worship–unless worshiping with other faith communities.

Covenants and Sister Church Relationships

Pactos e iglesias Hermanas

UCC Church #81455, Effective: 1982 (Church Renewal GS29, 2013)

About our former Pastors


The Rev. Dr. Maritza Angulo de González, former Co-Pastor

Maritza was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. Her experiences include preaching, and missionary work in several countries of South and Central America.  She has a BA in Theological Studies from Logos Bible College, a BA in Psychology from College of New Rochelle, a Masters in Social Work from the University of Connecticut and a Doctor in Education with specialty in Pastoral Counseling from Argosy University. She has studied at both: New York Theological Seminary and Hartford Seminary.

Pastora Maritza has learned to guide God’s people without prejudice or discrimination.  She has accepted her call to ministry with honor and respect. She is a pastor, friend, mother, counselor, advocate, confidant and above all servant of God.  She is an example of what a pastor should be: humble, loving, passionate and compassionate. She has helped many in finding their personal connection with God, without demands, but with love, because God is love.  She is not afraid of walking into empty places, she knows that God is the builder and SHe is still “abriendo surcos.”

She often mentions that “Dance is the hidden language of the soul” (Martha Graham). And dance is what her soul has done.  She has danced in the rain and in the middle of the rain; and at times even in the middle of the storm. It has not been easy, but she has danced and has taught many to dance knowing that transformation and reconciliation happens among God’s people by the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of His people.

The Rev. Elivette (Elly) Mendez Angulo, former Co-Pastor

Elivette “Elly” Mendez Angulo spent her childhood between Cupey Bajo, Puerto Rico and Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY.  She is a city child who is a proud graduate of both Hartford Public High School and Capital Community College (Hartford, CT). 

After living in Hanau, Germany, Elly returned to Connecticut to complete her Bachelors Degree through University of Phoenix (Norwalk, CT), before continuing to reach for her goal of a Masters in Divinity.  Towards this goal, she has a Cooperative MDiv through Hartford Seminary (CT), where she has completed certificate programs in both, Professional Ministry and Women’s Leadership.  Elly spent Fall 2013 in Indonesia as a Henry Luce Scholar before continuing her MDiv at Andover Newton Theological School (MA) where she graduated in 2015. 

Her love and passion for ministry has led to her position on the Board of Trustees for the Franklinton Center at Bricks in Whittakers, NC (http://www.ucc.org/franklinton-center/).  If you were to ask Elly who she is, her answer would be: a Child of the Divine whom she calls God (with a variety of gender pronouns though she understands God to be limitless),  a writer, preacher, teacher filled with love for God and ALL God’s people, especially those who have been classified as UGLY (herself included).  

If you would like to follow her journey, you can do so on https://thruelly.wordpress.com.

More About our Denominational Family

Más Sobre Nuestra Familia Denominacional



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