Outline of the Leonardo DaVinci's

Holy Triune God

  • Creator of the world and every living thing that inhabits therein;
  • Jesus Christ, head of the Church, through whose death sacrifice redeemed us from all sin, in resurrection and second coming; and
  • The Holy Spirit through which we are aware of God’s gifts and commandments [1 John 5: 7].

Santo Dios Trino

  • Creador del mundo y todo lo que en el habita;
  • Jesucristo, cabeza de la Iglesia, quien por su sacrificio de muerte nos redimió de todo pecado, en su resurrección y en su segunda venida; y
  • El Espíritu Santo por cuyo medio conocemos los dones de Dios y sus mandamientos [1 Juan 5:7].

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Photo by David “Goya” Gonzalez

The Rev. Edwin Pérez Jr., Pastor

Edwin was ordained in in the Pentecostal faith and has been in local church leadership for over 10 years, including the Assemblies of God among other denominations. While offering itinerant preaching and supply ministry, he facilitates workshops focused on reconciling sexuality and faith, Latine and liberationist spirituality. He is currently a member of the Advisory Committee of Encuentros Latinx, United Church of Christ (UCC). He has edited and written pieces featured in UCC devotionals, blogs, and church resources. While supporting Latine and Black Lives Matter activism, he has also advocated/collaborated for immigrant sanctuary in his state and has been a prophetic voice about laws that disproportionately affect people of color. Edwin is currently the Executive Pastor at Manantial de Gracia UCC, West Hartford, CT.

Edwin has planted and led bilingual ministries, served as a member of the first Board of Directors of the Southern New England Conference UCC, and has coached pastors and churches in the Illinois Conference UCC. He attended Korsinos Bible College Seminary, has an Associate of Arts, and a Bachelor of Philosophy from Southern Connecticut State University. Currently, Edwin is a student in the Master of Divinity program at Andover Newton Seminary, Yale University Divinity School. For 8 years, he has worked in office/business management—most recently in the City of New Haven Board of Education—and currently works as an English for Students of Other Languages (ESOL) tutor in the New Haven Public Schools system.


Email: pastor@manantialucc.org / Office Phone: (203) 936-7022

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