TEMA PARA ESTE MES (Theme for this month): Surprising Gifts/Regalos Maravillosos! 
Escribi una serie de reflecciones sobre este tema para una campaña de la UCC. Hoy comenzamos este tema en nuestra iglesia. Seria sorprendente para ti encontrar regalos que Dios nos da en lugares que nunca nos imaginamos/lugares extraños. Lee Lucas 19 para que veas! Yo encontre mi regalo y tu?

Recently, I wrote a series of reflections for special campaign of the UCC. Today we began discussing this theme at church. It could be a surprise if you can find God’s gifts for you on strange places. Read Luke 19 and see it! I found my gift, what about you?

Bendiciones en el arbol de higuera!(Lucas 19:1-10)

Podemos encontrar regalos sorprendentes en lugares estraños! Aqui tenemos a un colectador de impuestos que decidio subir a un arbol con la esperanza de ver a Jesùs en la distancia. Sorprendentemente, Jesús vino precisamente buscandolo en ese arbol vacio y maldecido. Aqui estan ellos, uno recibiendo bendicion y el otro el dador de bendiciones!
En la misma manera, transformación llega cuando uno una se para firma sin importer los obstáculos que se le presenten. Pero willing de ver, de preguntar, de creer y de crecer. Y esto requiere de cada uno de nosotros que demos de nuestro corazón y no de acuerdo con nuestra percepción. Siempre recordando que es mas importante dar con nuestro corazón y no de un lugar vacio, major de un corazón lego con el poder de la salvación. Este sorprendente encuentro trabajo un regalo maravilloso y sorprendente. Es nuestra oración que cuando traigamos nuestros regalos, vengamos dispuestos a recibir los regalos que solo pueden ser encontrados mientros colgamos de un arbol de higuera mirando o buscando y terminando dando y recibiendo!

Blessings In a Fig Tree! (Luke 19:1-10)
We can find surprising gifts in a strange of places! Here we have a tax collector choosing to climb a tree in the hopes to see Jesus at a distance. Surprisingly, Jesus came looking for him at that empty, cursed fig tree! Here they are, one receiving his blessing and the other the giver of blessings! 
In the same manner, transformation comes when one stands firm regardless of the obstacles before us. But willing to see, to ask, to believe and to grow. And this requires from each one of us to give from our hearts and not according to our perception. Always remembering that it is important to give from our hearts, and not from an empty place, rather from a heart filled with the power of salvation. This surprising encounter brought an amazing and surprising gift. It is our prayer that when we come to give, we are also coming to receive the gifts that can be found while perched in a fig tree looking or seeking and ending up receiving and giving! 
Blessings and Surprising Gifts for next 30 days!!! 


  1. Que bendicion…God gifts us unexplicably. Sometimes unexpectedly, at God’s appointed time and not when we would like. But always at the PERFECT time. Blessed to be with my church even from the distance.

    This week, God gifted me by providing a seamstress who loves God so much that she wanted to use her gift and talent to help me honor God even in a strangers sense of fashion! She decided that she should dress me for my first preaching in Indonesia, so she spent a week making my shirt and jacket, so that I would be dressed in a way that reflected my position as a preacher. Blessed.

  2. Wow! What a blessing! Remind me of Dorcas in the New Testament! She was always sewing for his sisters! May God continue using you and others to build His Kingdom!

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