This month our Wednesday at 7PM Bible study will use the book Grounded by Diana Butler Bass. We will be using her own study guide as well as the one from First Churches UCC/ABC in Northampton, MA. We are welcoming our own understandngs. Today’s discussion will be lead by Patora Maritza, we will explore Genesis (the introduction), here are some ideas to shape our conversation:

(Este mes nuestro estudio biblico de los miercoles a las 7P se basara en el libro “Grounded de Diana Butler Bass”. Estaremos usando su guia de estudio ademas de uno preparado por First Churches UCC/ABC en Northampton, MA. Comparte tu propio entendimiento. Hoy la discusion sera facilitada por Pastora Maritza, exploraremos Genesis (La introduction), aqui hay algunas ideas para que te ayuden en nuestra conversation:)

(1) Read and Reflect on Genesis 28:16 – Lee y reflexiona en Genesis 28:16
(2)”What we need is here” – “Lo que necesitamos esta aqui”
(3) “Where is God” from your own view? Any feelings about Where is God? – “with us” or “within us” and how this impact your daily life? – “Donde esta Dios” desde tu punto de vista? Algun sentimiento acerca de donde esta Dios – “con nosotr@s” o “entre nosotr@s” y como esto impacta tu vida diaria?
(3)Have you had a meaningful, transformative spiritual or mystical experience, can you share? Has tenido una experiencia espiritual o transformativa de gran significado que puedas compartir?

Prepare your self for an interesting, motivating and encouraging time together! See you tonight! – Preparate par un un tiempo junt@s interesante, motivador y animado! Nos vemos esta noche!

Pastor(a) Maritza and Pastor(a) Elly

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