How many things can one endure? Since 2011 I have been struggling in a manner that I never imagine possible. Last evening I have this dream, I have not dream since 2011, about me going under the water and coming to the surface surrounded by children. So many things happened in this dream that I cannot mention but the most powerful and challenging moment was to find out that these children were all using mood altering substances because “it gave them strenghts to endure”. I just prayed for them and asked God to help me understand the meaning.

Today, as I am cleaning my emails I found pictures of a baby girl that died too soon; pain in my heart but happines as I know that God gifted her parents with another baby girl to join her brothers. The grandchildren of my sister/friend.

And then, I read an email I sent to another sister/friend/daugher that reads ” leaving things behind its always difficult. I do believe that in order to walk forward we cannot be looking backwards. See this year as a great journey, take all that was good to heart and those things that were not up to par, let them teach you a great lesson. When one travel in life it is best to travel light, so let go of those things that are too heavy and will tie you down!”

And this is exactly what I have been doing since 2011; “LEARNING TO TRAVEL LIGHT” removing all that hurt, all that damage and all that is not from God. Learning from my heart that “He is the Root of the tree of life”.

Pastora Maritza

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