Sunday, February 5, 2017

My sincerest apologies for getting this note out late this week, but I have some great news to share with each of you… Mis sinceras disculpas por enviar esta notita tan tarde esta semana, pero tengo tremendas noticias…
As of Thursday Pastora Elivette Mendez Angulo has been approved by The Hartford Association of the Connecticut Conference’s Committee on Ministry to present at Ecclesiastical Council! THANKS BE TO GOD! What does this mean… let us talk about it around the communion table this Sunday. El Jueves la Pastora Elly fue aprobada por la Association de Hartford de la Conferencia de Connecticut atraves del Comite de Ministerios para presentar se en el Concilio Ecclesiatico! GRACIAS A DIOS! Que quiere decir esto… hablaremos en la mesa de communion este domingo.
The days theme and title is: “Shout it out”. We will be reading Isaiah 58: 1-12. We will be meeting in Friendship-Fellowship Rooms, for spaghetti lunch and communion. Enter through the doors that lead to the labyrinth… El tema y el titulo del día sera “Grita lo”. Leeremos Isaias 58:1-12. Y nos reunimos en Friendship-Fellowship Rooms, para un almuerzo de espaguetis en conjunto con la santa cena. Favor de entrar por las puertas afrente del laberinto…
As we continue to read and study the Beatitudes we hope to see you at Seated at the Table: Bible Study, Wednesday at 7pm in the Fireside Room. Continuamos leyendo y estudiando las Beatitudes les esperamos Sentados en la Mesa: Estudiando la Palabra, el miércoles a las 7pm en el Fireside Room.  
Know that you and we are each loved by our Creator. Sepa que somos amados poe nuestrx Creador.
Smooches and Blessings,

Pastoras Elly and Maritza 

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I am a minister, a teacher, a lady, a friend, a geek, and a general-everyday PITA! But, as Cynthia Webb (Princess Tiara) said, "when you are a princess, it's all about the tiara."

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