Stting at the Table – Sentad@s a la mesa: SKY – CIELO

Wed/Miercoles 2/24/16 7PM

These are the questions to consider / Estas son las preguntas para considerar:

1 Read Psalm 115 “The Psalmist’s words, ‘Our God is in the heavens,’ actually unveil far more complex spiritual possibilities.

2 “To say that God is in the sky is not to imply that God lives at a certain address above the earth. Instead, it is an invitation to consider God’s presence that both reaches to the stars and wafts through our lives as a spiritual breeze” (p. 103). How does this statement illustrate a shift from a vertical theology to a grounded sense of God among us?

3 “The ground is the earth’s body, water its lifeblood, and the atmosphere its lungs” (p. 114). How has this book helped you frame climate change from a faith perspective? What motivates and inspires you to face the crisis and institute changes? How do you strike a balance between truth and hope?

4 Discuss any spiritual practices you have tried that have focused on breath? Why do you think spiritual practices focus on breathing? (p.109-111)

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