Mark 10:35-45 highlights how some of us have this sense of entitlement in the story of this two brothers asking to be at each side of God. WOW, that woke me up this morning! I certainly thought that being a Christian entitled me to have all and everything I wanted, I asked or I thought I deserved in live. Is not that what I have heard in multiple sermons “ask and you shall received”? But then I began to ask myself what was my goal in life and what God owe me because I was serving and worshiping him?; suddenly I realized that there is nothing God owe me but having mercy on my soul. So now instead of a sense of entitlement because I am a Christian, I have come to the realization that the more I know Christ, the more I understand my call – to serve, to seek, to work for justice for everyone I am sitting in my position.

Prayer: Dear God, allow me to undersand more!
Pastor Maritza

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