Day 10: Ora por madurez espiritual – Pray for Spiritual Maturity

Mark 14:35-36

“Abba, […] take this cup of suffering away from me”(GW)

Listen, this was not a cup of coffee or a cup of tea. This was a cup of pain, a cup of separation from the Holy, a cup that he accepted just for you and me; a costly cup. At such an injunction, the only thing one can do is hit the ground and pray “help me to accept my call, my mission, no matter what.” Instead, many times I have listened to myself saying: “remove this cup from me”…

· The cup of rejection,

· the cup of abandonment,

· the cup of divide,

· the cup that, according to many, will ostracize and demark who is good and who is not, who is accepted and who is not, who is holy and who is not; who can enter to God’s presence or who should not be accepted in God’s Kingdom”.

“Jesus, I am so honor that you did not say, “send someone else” and that you have called me and accepted me into your Kingdom. I am so honor that you did not found another way for me to enter, but freely and willingly opened the gate of salvation for all humanity and me to enter. Allow me to sit with you in my garden because it is too costly to sit here alone.” Amen.

“¡Papá!, […] Aparta de mí esta copa” (RVR 1995)

Escucha, esto no era una copa de café o una copa de té. Esta fue una copa de dolor, una copa de separación de todo lo que es santo , una copa que aceptó sólo por ti y por mí , una copa costosa. En tal momento, lo único que uno puede hacer es tirarse al suelo y orar. “Ayúdame a aceptar mi llamado, mi misión , no importarme nada.” En cambio, muchas veces me he escuchado decir: ” quita de mí esta copa ” …

• La copa de rechazo,

• la copa de abandono,

• la copa de la división ,

• la copa que , según muchos, es de ostracismo y demarca quién es bueno y quién no lo es, que es aceptado y quién no lo es, quién es santo y quién no , quién puede entrar a la presencia de Dios o quien no debe ser aceptado en su Reino “ .

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